Microwave Radiometer

PI Ulla Wandinger
Participant Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research
Instrument picture

An RPG-HATPRO Microwave Radiometer (MWR) operating at the frequency bands 22.24 - 31.4 GHz, 51.0-58.0 GHz is able to provide humidity and temperature vertical profiling. This instrument can support two different scanning strategies; pointing constantly to the zenith direction or/and scanning in 6 different elevation angles down to 5o elevation angle.

The first mode aims to full troposphere profiling up to 10km altitude with a vertical resolution of 150-250m. When the MWR operates in the zenith mode, several atmospheric parameters such as the Integrated Water Vapor (IWV) and Liquid Water Path (LWP) can be retrieved with a high temporal resolution of 1sec.

The second scanning mode aims to boundary layer studies up to 1km with a higher spatial resolution of 50m. The latter is essential for resolving temperature inversions within the boundary layer.

Direct products

Vertical profiles of Temperature/ Relative Humidity (high precision in the PBL)

Recent activity

Uploaded data
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CHARADMexp campaign is funded by the European Space Agency.

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CHARADMexp is supported by the BEYOND Centre of Excellence, in the frame of the satellite cal/val activities performed by the Centre. LIVAS climatology as well as the smoke dispersion and dust services provided by BEYOND will be validated through the CHARADMexp campaign.

ACTRIS provides support to CHARADMexp participants by offering access to the Finokalia research facilities through the Transnational Access activity of the Network.