WRF-ARW Meteogram

More data can be found on the BSC website.

Start time July 9, 2014, midnight
Stop time July 10, 2014, midnight
Duration 1 day
Instrument WRF-ARW
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Measurement graph

Graph 1: Meteogram for Finokalia station

Measurement graph

Graph 2: Skew-T diagram for 06:00 UTC

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Graph 3: Skew-T diagram for 12:00 UTC

Measurement graph

Graph 4: Skew-T diagram for 18:00 UTC

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CHARADMexp campaign is funded by the European Space Agency.

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CHARADMexp is supported by the BEYOND Centre of Excellence, in the frame of the satellite cal/val activities performed by the Centre. LIVAS climatology as well as the smoke dispersion and dust services provided by BEYOND will be validated through the CHARADMexp campaign.

ACTRIS provides support to CHARADMexp participants by offering access to the Finokalia research facilities through the Transnational Access activity of the Network.